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What are the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil?

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

1. What is Hemp seed oil?

Many people around the world have several different notions of what Hemp seed oil is. Does it contain THC? Does it alter the mind and send you into a glazed state? Let us answer that for you!

Hemp seed oil or Hemp oil is a popular remedy used by extensive of healthcare providers, including pain relief, improving skin, or even reducing inflammation. The Hemp oil contains saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats, which give the oil a plethora of benefits. The seed oil has become a common therapeutic agent used by many people worldwide because it does not require a prescription and is easily available.

It is also very legal, might we add. So stop contemplating and read on to find out more about the essential oil!

2. How is Hemp seed oil made?

what is hemp seed oil

Again, there is much speculation over the origins of the oil and how it is made. It is all rather simple if you ask us. 

Hemp seed oil is made from Hemp seed, the seeds of the cannabis plant called Cannabis sativa.  The oil is extracted from the seeds using the cold pressing method, ensuring no additional ingredients or preservatives are added to the oil. While many different types of oils are made from hemp plants, Hemp oil stands out because it contains less than 0.3% THC. The industrial process employs a cold-pressing machine through which the seeds are passed to extract all oil present. The oil is directly packed and can be consumed directly to avail of all benefits.

Due to the simplistic process of manufacturing, Hemp oil has minimal contaminants or other particulates, which further enhance the benefits of the oil. Industrial manufacturers either use the traditional screw pressing method or a modern reduced screw pressing method. In either case, the oil is directly extracted from the hemp plant without any need for heating, cooling, or even chemical treatment. This further enhances the quality of the final hemp products. The most prominent Hemp seed oil benefits are listed in the following section.

3. What are the Health benefits of hemp oil?

There are many Hemp seed oil benefits since it can be used for many applications, including skin treatment, pain relief, or even reducing inflammation. Here are some of the most common Hemp oil benefits:

3.1. Pain relief

The most prominent use of Hemp seed oil to be studied is as an agent for pain relief. Hemp seed oil can be consumed directly or applied to the affected area to get relief. It has been studied that the anti-inflammatory properties and psychoactive properties in Hemp seed oil are the primary reason people can use the same for pain relief. The Hemp seed oil has been used to relieve pain for many conditions. Some of the most popular conditions that can receive relief by the oil include:

3.1.1 For Arthritic pain: Arthritic pain for older patients is severe and constant. The Hemp seed oil has been studied to react with MH7A cells – the cells responsible for the development of Arthritis and the increased pain that patients feel. The amino acid arginine in Hemp seed oil are known to target these cells and, therefore, reduce the friction in the joints, reducing the pain the patient feels. 

3.1.2. Muscle pain: General muscle pain as a result of exercise or even accidents can be cured by CBD oil. Since CBD oil and Hemp seed oil have omega 3 fatty acids in common, Hemp seed oil can also be used to relieve muscle stress and tension. The omega 3 fatty acids act as anti-inflammatory agents for the body, reducing muscle tension and stress, and in the end reducing or numbing the pain felt.

3.1.3. Migraines: The effect of Hemp seed oil on migraine relief has also been studied. As aforementioned, since CBD oil and Hemp seed oil are made from the same ingredients and have similar contents, Hemp seed oil can also be used for migraine relief. A study conducted on the effect of Hemp seed oil on migraine patients concluded that patients who had a childhood history of migraines could use Hemp seed oil for pain relief. In contrast, patients who had developed migraines later in life did not receive the same benefits.

3.2 Menopause symptoms

Mensural pain (particularly during menopause) is severe. The hemp seed oil has been studied to relieve the pain felt during menopause. A study suggested that the pain felt by patients during this period is due to the low levels of the hormone E1. The same study undertook the development of the hormone using Hemp seed oil and concluded that consumption of Hemp seed oil can help patients improve their levels of E1 hormone and reduce the symptoms of menopause including menstrual pain, migraines, and many others.

3.3 Skincare

The second most prominent Hemp seed oil benefit is the skin health improvement. The hemp seed oil has been tested for an extensive range of skincare applications. Due to the high nutrient and fatty acid content in Hemp seed oil, it acts as an excellent moisturizer. Furthermore, because the fatty acids are naturally present in the raw material and not chemically added it is an organic solution that does not require a carrier oil (such as olive oil).

3.3.1 Acne: Acne is a common skin condition that approximately 40 to 50 million people suffer from annually. As a result, research on acne-prone skin is conducted in many laboratories. You will begin to notice inflammatory response and acne symptoms when you use Hemp seed oil for acne treatment. The fatty acids react with the skin to reduce inflammation which reduces not only pimples but also the redness and pain of developing acne.

3.3.2 Skin conditions: The omega acids present in Hemp seed oil also act as an agent to reduce inflammation. This, together with the antibacterial activity of the oil, makes Hemp seed oil a good applicant for many skin conditions. Some skin conditions that have been studied under Hemp seed oil benefits include eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, and many others. Benefits also depend upon the skin type, i.e., dry skin and oily skin show different effects.

3.3.3. Scalp and hair care: Like the two aforementioned skincare benefits, omega-6 fatty acids in Hemp seed oil also helps improve scalp and hair health. The omega-6 fatty acids act as skin moisturizers to the scalp, reducing dryness and other problems. While conclusive proof has yet to be reached, studies have shown that for some people, using Hemp seed oil can reduce dandruff, hair fall, flaky scalp, atopic dermatitis, and other similar symptoms of the poor scalp and hair care. The application, however, has to be topical (on top of the scalp) rather than oral.

3.3.4. Skin allergy: Skin allergy symptoms often show themselves as red spots, pimples, or rashes. Hemp seed oil has been found to reduce these symptoms. The anti-inflammatory property of essential amino acids can help reduce these symptoms after you have been exposed to a skin allergen.

3.4 Heart Health

Hemp seed oil is high in gamma-linolenic acid content and omega 3 fatty acids ratio. Together, these can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The seeds also contain the enzyme lipase, which is known to reduce the plague in blood vessels, resulting in high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The enzyme reacts with the plague to reduce build-up in the blood vessels. These two conditions often lead to various heart irregularities, including stroke and acute heart disease. 

However, it is important to note that Hemp seed oil should not be added to the diet without consulting a medical professional.

3.5 Other medical conditions

Hemp seed oil has been studied as a treatment for many medical conditions such as anxiety and depression. The nutrient content in Hemp seed oil is expected to help with a myriad of medical conditions that result from brain cell deterioration, for example, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Omega 3 and omega 6 present in Hemp seed oil may also help prevent some age-related cognitive conditions. Many peer-reviewed studies conducted on mice also found that Hemp seed oil can reduce skin inflammation in the brain. However, conclusive proof for the same has not been found.

3.6 Health regulation

Hemp seed oil is also known to help in the regulation of hormones in blood levels. As aforementioned, the regulation of hormones can help reduce symptoms of several medical conditions or ailments including menopause. Hormone regulation can also help people reduce weight and get in better shape. Regulating hormone levels in the blood helps increase metabolism levels which can promote weight loss, organ health and even improve immunity.

3.7 Digestion

Hemp seed oil is also known to improve digestion and reduce digestive problems. Omega acids regulate hormones that support the production of enzymes and digestive bacteria in the gut which helps improve the digestive cycle. The oil can help reduce symptoms of inflammation of the gut which often result in digestive problems such as poor bowel movement.

4. Notable side effects

There are no severe side effects and health risks of using Hemp seed oil. However, it is important to note that there may be three minor side effects:

4.1. Digestive issues:

Consuming Hemp seed oil in an extremely high quantity can cause digestive issues such as constipation and poor bowel movement. However, this side effect is only noticeable 

  1. If you consume a very high quantity of Hemp seed oil, 
  2. If you are allergic to Hemp seed oil or
  3. If the Hemp seed oil is of very poor quality.

4.2. Low blood pressure:

Hemp seed oil may reduce your blood pressure. However, this is not a symptom for most people. If you suffer from a medical condition that leaves you with chronically low blood pressure, then consuming Hemp seed oil can enhance the effects.

4.3. Skin irritation:

Only people who are allergic to Hemp seed oil may feel skin irritation. If you are not allergic but are still experiencing symptoms such as inflamed skin, skin irritation and redness, it may be due to the poor quality of the oil or because the skin infections have not been cleaned or sanitized before applying Hemp seed oil.

How to take Hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil can be used for both topical and oral treatments. While both methods have their own sets of advantages, the method to opt for depends on the benefit you wish to incur. For example, to improve digestion, brain health, heart health or muscle pain, Hemp seed oil benefits are best noticed when the oil is consumed. In contrast, for skincare or as an antibacterial agent, it is best to use Hemp seed oil as a topical treatment. 

The Bottom Line

As this article highlights, Hemp seed oil has many health benefits. Since the oil is easily available, anyone can avail these Hemp seed oil benefits and improve their health. The high content of omega 3 fatty acid, γ-linolenic acid and fibre in the Hemp seed as well as the final extracted oil make it an excellent addition to improve brain, gut, skin and heart health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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CBD and hemp oils have so many benefits. But we have to take it in the proper manner. This post is excellent.

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